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Sunday — Thursday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Closed — Friday, Saturday

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Dnipro, 4/26 Sholom-Aleichem Street, Information Center of the Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine"

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The library of the Museum "Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine" began to work with readers in 2014, but the history of its creation is connected with the emergence of “Tkuma”, Ukrainian Institute For Holocaust Studies, in 1999. Since that time, the purposeful formation of a specialized collection of books on Jewish history has begun. At present, the library's funds make up more than 6,000 editions.

The basis of the library collection is the historical literature on the problems of the history of the Jewish people in the world and the history of the Jews of Ukraine, the history of the Holocaust in Europe and Ukraine, the history of Ukraine, world history. The library funds are regularly replenished with publications in Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, English, German, and Hebrew. Except for scientific works, publications of documents and memoirs, the library has a large collection of popular scientific, educational and literary sources.

The library has implemented modern readership service technology: books electronic catalogue, e-database of users, which saves your time and forces while searching and ordering the required literature.

You can view the electronic catalogue of library editions by the link . You can find the required book by name, author, or by keyword by typing them in the search box. Also, you can review available literature on the website under appropriate headings.

Readers can use the reading room library or loan books on circulation. Term of books loan is 1 month. To subscribe you need a passport. Using the library is free.

To save your time, if the list of required literature is more than 5 editions, it can be pre-ordered by sending an e-mail request to indicating your surname, name and the date the literature is to be prepared.