On the back of a familiar photo


Unfortunately, our subscribers were unable to locate the exact location associated with the photo, which we posted on the FB page of Museum two weeks ago.

And the photo was taken in one of the oldest parks in our city – Central Park recreation and culture named after T. Shevchenko. Local historians date the origin of this park zone in the second half of the 18 century – time of the foundation of the garden by the legendary osavul Lazar Globa, who was repeatedly mentioned in his works by the prominent Dnieper historian Dmytro Ivanovych Yavornytsky.

In the 19 century the park area was called the Potemkin Garden, and in 1925 acquired its own modern name – Taras Shevchenko Park. The first monument to the outstanding Ukrainian poet appeared in the Park for almost a quarter of a century – in 1949. That's when near he was photographed by Vladimir Gelfand and his companion. In 1959 a new one a monument to Kobzar was erected on Komsomol Island (now Monastic), that two years earlier was connected by a footbridge with mainland of the Park. The pedestal of the first monument remains in the old place right next to the building of the former restaurant “Mayak”. True and pedestal, and the building of a once fashionable restaurant has long since lost its appearance tourist attractions…

Despite the fact that this time there are no winners in the competition, next time he may be lucky just for you. So, follow our news and don't forget to look back, it would seem familiar photos.