The Clocks That Saw the Past

In this hall you can find the unique collection of antique clocks donated to the Museum by I. Kolomoiskyi. The exhibits were made mainly in France and Germany in the late XVIII – early XX century. The exhibition “The Clocks That Saw the Past” has three types of clocks: mantel, carriage and wall clocks. Most of them are made in the Empire style, but there are also clocks presenting Baroque, Rococo and Art Deco styles. The collection also includes clocks with special ensembles – chandeliers and sculptures.To produce these masterpieces clockmakers worked several years engaging into the process jewelers, painters, masons and used a variety of materials such as bronze, gold, silver, mercury, ceramics, porcelain, marble, wood and even a turtle-shell.

Each clock has its own history associated with the events of the XIX century, Soviet era and the tragedy of the Second World War. Obviously, there is some symbolism in the fact that our Museum exhibition ends up with collection of clocks from different times.